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Self love includes all of you especially your yoni!!

Love yourself and include this beautiful blend in your self care regime.

What is yoni steam

Often referred to as yoni (Sanskrit for "womb") steaming, vaginal steaming is an ancient practice for maintaining the health of the uterus, used to treat everything from painful or irregular menses and infertility to fibroids and ovarian cysts.

Yoni steams can be done for physical, emotional or spiritual cleansing

This is a special blend created to welcome in more love.

Red rasberry leaves This herb is helpful in toning uterine muscles, calming cramps, normalizing menstrual blood flow and can aid with fertility.

Mugwort: One of the most commonly used herbs during vaginal steaming, mugwort is very helpful in balancing female hormones. It promotes circulation and can help bring on your period. Its antifungal  properties also help maintain uterine health and protect against uterine ulcers and tumors.

Lavender: Known for calming the mind, lavender also helps to calm the body, reducing inflammation and nourishing the nervous system.

Rose petals: Both relaxing and uplifting, this herb is said to help release stuck emotions that can burrow into any part of our body (including the uterus).

How does it work...

A pot of warm water is mixed with a unique blend of medicinal herbs. The warmth of the water releases the volatile oils that contain medicinal properties from the herbs, creating a healing steam. Then you simply sit over the pot, wrapped in a blanket or cover to encapsulate the steam, which helps to soften the tissue and open the pores of the outer lips of the vagina, allowing the healing herbs to be absorbed into the bloodstream and uterus.

Often times, issues involving the uterus are related to leftover material from previous menstrual cycles that has hardened along the uterine wall. Following a steam, you may notice some of this release via spotting or discharge the next day, or along with your upcoming period. Think of this process as kind of like a steam cleaning for your uterine wall.

You can purchase prepackaged yoni steam herbs or we can create a unique blend specific to your needs. (please reach out for custom orders) All of our herbs and flowers are organic, reiki infused and blessed in sacred ritual.

This isn't a medical claim to heal its designed to cleanse and assist you on your journey.

** its advised not to steam while pregnant or on your cycle

Self Love Yoni Steam

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