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Hypnotherapy/ Guided Imagery

Welcome to the transformative world of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy! Our approach combines the power of hypnosis with the insights of transpersonal psychology to help you unlock your inner potential and achieve profound personal growth. Whether you're seeking personal growth, to overcome fears and/or phobias, or assistance with breaking unhealthy habits such as smoking, manage weight or simply improve your overall quality of life, Transpersonal hypnotherapy can guide you towards lasting positive change. This powerful tool  combines hypnosis and therapeutic techniques, transpersonal hypnotherapy works holistically to address the mind, body, and spirit, unlocking your true potential and helping you overcome obstacles that may be holding you back.


Why choose hypnotherapy? Imagine tapping into the unlimited power of your subconscious mind, where beliefs, emotions, and patterns are stored. Hypnotherapy offers a unique approach to personal transformation by bypassing the conscious barriers and directly accessing the subconscious mind where our beliefs, emotions, and patterns are deeply rooted. It is a safe and natural process that allows you to break free from self-limiting beliefs, overcome fears and phobias, and create lasting change in your life, Whether you're seeking to address specific challenges or enhance your overall well-being, hypnotherapy can provide remarkable results by tapping into untapped potential of your mind. Let's access this hidden realm, where you can reprogram negative thought patterns, release emotional blocks, and cultivate empowering beliefs.  Are you ready for profound self-discovery, healing, and personal transformation?

       What is Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

 Transpersonal hypnosis is an approach to hypnotherapy that focuses on the spiritual and psychological aspects of the self. It combines traditional hypnotherapy with Eastern and Western philosophies and spiritual approaches.  Encompassing the mind/body/spirit as a whole in the healing process. Transpersonal hypnotherapy can help you access deeper levels of your subconscious, allowing you to gain insight into your life experiences and make changes in your life. With transpersonal hypnotherapy, you will be able to identify and work through the underlying causes of your physical, mental, and emotional issues, allowing you to create lasting positive change in your life. 

At the core of transpersonal hypnotherapy is the belief that everyone has the capacity to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. Transpersonal hypnotherapy is about improving your life holistically. By connecting with your inner wisdom and higher self, you can tap into your limitless potential and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Whether your seeking personal growth, spiritual exploration, or enhanced well-being, transpersonal hypnotherapy can serve as a powerful catalyst for positive change.



Past Life Regression

Curious about past lives? If you've ever wondered about past lives and the impact they may have on your present, past life regression through hypnosis can be an extraordinary experience that can offer incredible insights.Transpersonal hypnotherapy can guide you through a deep state of relaxation, allowing you to access memories from past lifetimes. This process can providevaluable healing, understanding, and resolution, helping you gain clarity about your current life's purpose and release any lingering blockages or traumas. The initial session can take up to 2 hours. please plan accordingly.

Weight loss/ Weight Management

Struggling with weight loss? weight loss can be a daunting journey, and is yet another area where transpersonal hypnotherapy can have a profound impact and provides you with a compassionate and effective ally. Hypnotherapy offers a fresh approach to achieving your ideal weight. By addressing the underlying emotional and psychological factors that contribute to overeating or unhealthy habits, we can help you develope a healthier relationship with food and your body. Instead of relying solely on willpower, we delve into the underlying factors that contribute to your eating habits and body image. Through hypnosis, we can reframe your relationship with food, boost your motivation, and unleash your inner strength, enabling you to make healthier choices effortlessly and create long-lasting habits that support your weight loss goals. Say goodbye to dieting and welcome a sustainable, balanced lifestyle. A series of four sessions booked 1 week apart. $499 investment

Smoking Cessation

Struggling to break free from the habit of smoking? If you're ready to bid farewell to smoking and embrace a healthier lifestyle, hypnotherapy can be your game changer. By rewiring the subconscious mind's association with smoking, we can help you break free from the grip on nicotine addiction. Smoking cessation hypnosis targets the subconscious mind, where the addictive habits are deeply ingrained. Through a combination of relaxation techniques and positive suggestions, we can empower you to become a non-smoker,reclaim your health, enjoy a smoke-free life. Theses sessions are generally booked 3-4 days apart and is a $699 investment

Fears and Phobias

Do you find yourself gripped by fears and phobias that limit your daily life? Fears and phobias can be incredibly dibilitating, holding us back from living life to the fullest. Hypnotherapy offers a gentle and effective approach to overcoming these challenges by diving into the underlying causes of your fears and phobias, allowing you to release them and regain control over your life. Through deep relaxation and guided imagery. By working together we can help you overcome these limitations, anabling you to embrace new experiences with confidence and freedom.


My name is Chamica Nicole

Hello there! I'm a  certified clinical hypnotherapist with a transpersonal approach. I truly believe in treating the entire person - mind, body, and soul. Why work with me? As a highly trained and experienced professional in the field of transpersonal hypnotherapy, I am committed to providing a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space for your transformational journey. I combine my expertise in hypnosis, transpersonal psychology, and holistic healing to tailor each session to your unique needs and goals. By fostering a warm and compassionate environment, I create a strong therapeutic alliance that empowers you to explore and overcome challenges, leading to profound personal growth and lasting change

 Ready to unlock your full potential and create a life you love? Contact me today to schedule a complimentary consultation and take the first step towards a brighter future. Together, we can embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to live your best life

Let's start your journey towards a happier and healthier you!

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Transpersonal hypnotherapist Chamica  Nicole in Maricopa az.

Let's Get Started


Package options are below. Each person and situation is different. I always recommend you plan on at least four sessions. I am Happy to estimate the number of sessions after the first session. However you are never obligated to pay for or attend, a certain number of sessions. You decide about your progress and how long you would like to continue hypnotherapy. The good news is the vast majority of patients experience improvement after the first session!

** You must request to book a hypnotherapy session. A consultation is required prior to purchasing a package.

Flower Portrait

Mindful Mastery

Woman with Flowers on her Hair

Elevate and Empower

Black Beauty

Soulful Radiance

Indulge in the luxury of personalized hypnotherapy sessions tailored to your specific needs. This package offers single hypnotherapy sessions that can be selected individually to address your unique concerns and goals. with this a la carte approach, you have the freedom to choose from a range of transformative sessions: 

  1. single Hypnotherapy (initial$175, $150 after) -Experience the profound benefits

  2. Past Life Regression 2hrsession($225)

  3. Weight Management: )$499 Four sessions booked 1 week apart

  4.  Smoking Cessation: ($699)

2 Sessions 3-4 days apart

Take your personal growth to new heights with our Elevate and Empower package. Designed to facilitate profound transformation, this package includes three powerful hypnotherapy sessions ($420) Experience the art of self discovery and empowerment as you rise above limitations, awaken your true potential, and empower yourself in every aspect of life.

Are you ready to:

  • Unlock your inner potential

  • Embrace self-confidence

  • Amplify your manifestation

  • Cultivate a positive mindset

  • Create lasting habit for success

Say Yes to transformation and let "Elevate and Empower" be your guide on the path to personal greatness.​

Embark on an immersive journey of self transformation with our most comprehensive package. This five session package, priced at $675, is designed to guide you through a profound metamorphosis, aligning your mind, body, and soul.

Are you ready to let your inner radiance shine?

  • Release emotional blockages and cultivate self-love

  • Awaken your innate creativity and intuition

  • Enhance your manifestation abilities and attract abundance

  • Nurture your mind, body, and soul

  • Embrace lasting transformation in every aspect of your life


Each session will bring you closer to your authentic self, allowing you to manifest your dreams and desires effortlessly. Unleash your inner radiance. 

 Regardless of which package you choose our dedicated team is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for your personal growth and transformation. Embrace the power of hypnotherapy and take the first step towards unlocking your true potential today. Book a discovery call

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